people on my facebook feed (and on here!) are getting seriously mean about kristen stewart onstage. calling her drunk, high, arrogant, saying she looks like “lupin the morning after a full moon”

basically being the biggest fucking assholes

when the girl is injured and probably on pain pills and like dude I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to function on serious pain medication but I have and I was not half as graceful or coherent as she was onstage

and she wasn’t allowed to bring her crutches out

she just had to tough it out and walk on her injury which, even through serious pain medication, probably hurt like a motherfucker

so just everyone

shut the fuck up

stop acting like you’re better than her because you’re not

stop looking for reasons to hate her because she was in twilight/cheated on whoever/it’s the “cool” opinion to have

like fuck you

she is a human being and she is injured and you are all being fucking jerks


tbh I’m just amazed she can bring herself to smile after everything the media and twilight and robert fandoms put her through. 

This is now a Kristen Stewart Appreciation Blog.


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