We have to talk about how perfect these Vanity Fair Comedy Issue covers are.

I really like how all the women look really pretty/sexy/whatever except for fatty Melissa McCarthy who is in the back, covered head to toe, and has an angry expression on her face.

This is an ongoing issue for me. One of my favourite thing about comedians like Amy and Tina and Maya and Rachel etc. is that they’re not afraid to “go ugly” for laughs. It’s really important as a comedic actor - especially as a woman - and I can appreciate that that’s something that Melissa is kiiiiiind of doing here, but at the same time, she’s almost always pushed to the back because a body like hers is so unusual to photographers used to shooting celebrities. I remember a great spread (maybe in VF?) where all the Bridesmaids ladies where draped over a hotel room that was strewn in shopping bags. They had Melissa at the back of the room, with a huge shopping bag in front of her body. It made me so mad.