I’m interviewing Seth Bogart tomorrow

What have you always wanted to know about him/his punx?

hunx and his punx seth bogart

  1. mojominnie answered: When will they be visiting Northern California?
  2. annefrankzappa answered: What are his top 5 favorite movies?
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  4. cyllage answered: I wanna know what his favorite song he’s written is
  5. cultmom answered: i’d like to know where to apply to be one of his punx. is this a dumb question?
  6. milk-tastic answered: could you please, please ask him what his favorite thing about alexis penney is? please.
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  8. arielfinch said: who his fave hunks///hunx are
  9. theavantguard said: I want to remind him about that one time he tried to get with my friend at a show in Seattle <33333
  10. unicornology answered: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m just so excited about this i wouldn’t even know what to ask. if i do, i’ll email you. xxx
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